Winter Camelina Field Workshop Highlights Benefits of Cultivating Camelina and Carinata

Lubosz, June 7, 2023 – A field workshop focused on the Carina project took place on June 7th in Lubosz, bringing together 23 farmers and landowners. The event aimed to showcase the growth and development of winter camelina, spring camelina, and carinata under field conditions. Led by the scientific staff (from University of Poznan) of the Carina project, the workshop shed light on crucial aspects of agrotechnical treatments involved in cultivating these plants. Local farmers and students had the opportunity to learn about the current and future techniques while discussing the possibilities of growing crops on marginal land and as intercropping options.

From 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM, attendees were introduced to the significant role of weather conditions in the plants’ development. The discussions touched upon the impact of various weather factors and explored strategies to mitigate potential challenges. The workshop served as a platform for knowledge exchange between researchers and practitioners, fostering a collaborative approach to sustainable agriculture.

During the workshop, participants were presented with the numerous benefits associated with growing winter camelina, spring camelina, and carinata. These crops, central to the Carina project’s goals, hold great promise for farmers and landowners. The harvested crops can be utilized for various purposes, further enhancing their economic and ecological value.


The Winter Camelina Field Workshop marks a significant step forward in promoting sustainable agricultural practices and encouraging the cultivation of camelina and carinata. With the knowledge and insights gained from this event, farmers and landowners can explore new opportunities for growth and contribute to a greener and more prosperous future.



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