Spanish Co-ops Participation in Cultiva Day 2024

On May 16th, 2024, Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias de España, a partner of the CARINA project, took part in Cultiva Day 2024, held in Somontano de Barbastro (Huesca). This event, organized by the Government of Aragon, Arax Network, and Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias de España and Aragon, drew an impressive crowd of about 1,500 attendees. 

At Cultiva Day 2024, visitors had the opportunity to delve into the world of alternative crops, as well as find out more about camelina. Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias de España explored camelina alongside Camelina Company España, shedding light on its potential as an alternative crop within the CARINA project. 

Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias de España shared insights of camelina cultivation and its role within the broader framework of sustainable agriculture. Their participation in Cultiva Day 2024 provided a valuable platform to showcase the ongoing efforts of the CARINA project and its commitment to shaping the future of agriculture. 



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