Shape the Future of Sustainable Farming with the CARINA Project!

As we embark on a transformative journey with the CARINA Project, we’re on a mission to evaluate the sustainability of specific bio-product value chains featuring Carinata and Camelina, two innovative oilseed crops. Our aim is to create low iLUC feedstocks that empower the bio-based economy. 

This is where you, our valued stakeholders, play an important role. Whether you’re a potential user, operator, or supporter of CARINA, we invite you to help shape our sustainability metrics. By collaborating to define key indicators, you become an essential part of our sustainability journey. 

Sharing your insights is easy and impactful. Spend just 15 minutes completing our survey, and your contribution will fuel the sustainability of our initiatives. You can take the survey here:  

If you know others whose perspectives could be golden, please pass this message along. Your collective wisdom is our treasure! 

For those who are data enthusiasts, rest assured that the University of Bologna oversees data processing. You can read the data processing details here:  

Survey Structure: 

Our survey is designed to gather your insights effectively. It’s divided into five sections with around eight questions in total: 

  1. General Information (up to 4 questions)
  2. Introduction to the Topic 
  3. Environmental Sustainability (up to 2 questions) 
  4. Social Sustainability (up to 2 questions) 
  5. Economic Sustainability (up to 2 questions) 
  6. Integration (up to 2 questions) 
  7. Comments (1 question) 


We sincerely thank you for your willingness and your time. Together, we’re lighting the way towards a more sustainable future in farming! 



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