Recap of the 4th DG GROW Workshop on Advancing Bio-based Products and Materials

On May 21st, the 4th DG GROW workshop titled “Next Steps in Advancing Bio-based Products and Materials” took place, marking another significant milestone in the journey towards a more sustainable future. Conducted in a hybrid format, with an offline component held in Brussels at the Congress Centre Albert Borschette and an online segment, the workshop provided a dynamic platform for insightful discussions and exchanges. 

The discussion kicked off with an opening by Kristin Schreiber, Director of DG GROW at the European Commission. Schreiber shed light on the industry-related actions outlined in the EU Biotech and Biomanufacturing Initiative, setting the stage for the engaging conversations that followed. 

Mariella Masselink, Head of Unit at DG GROW.D.2, presented the Biotech Hub and potential support tools and networks available for biotech initiatives. Her insights provided valuable perspectives on navigating regulatory frameworks and scaling up bio-based companies effectively. 

Participants delved into discussions about sectors within the bio-based industry that may have been overlooked in the Initiative. They also identified challenges and opportunities that require special attention, fostering a collaborative environment for brainstorming solutions. 

Addressing Key Topics 

Throughout the workshop, various topics were explored, including: 

  • Utilization of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) or similar initiatives and key takeaways from these experiences. 
  • Strategies to stimulate market demand and uptake of bio-based materials and products. 
  • Prioritization of actions outlined in the Initiative, such as LCA & PEF methodologies and minimum bio-based content requirements. 
  • Boosting research and innovation to reduce time-to-market for innovative products. 
  • Strengthening the industrial dimension of the bioeconomy in the EU Bioeconomy Strategy update and related policies. 
  • Enhancing the connection between the Bioeconomy Strategy and biotech and biomanufacturing sectors. 


The workshop concluded with a sense of optimism and determination to drive positive change in the bio-based industry. Participants left with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead and a renewed commitment to advancing sustainable solutions. 



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