Carinata sowing in Cereales Teruel (Aragón Region, Spain)

On 22nd of September, the first sowing of Brassica carinata took place on a field managed by a farmer from the Cereales Teruel cooperative. The plant covered an area of 0.84 hectares within an extensive field of approximately 11.46 hectares, with the rest being sown with rapeseed (around 10.62 hectares).

The filed is located in Blancas municipality, Teruel Province, Aragón Region in Spain. Previous crops on this field were wheat, from 2021 to 2022, and barley, from 2022 to 2023. Weather variables like temperature, moisture, wind speed, precipitation etc. were measured by the closest weather station Monreal del Campo. These meteorological variables provide valuable information that are important for optimizing agricultural practices, enhancing crop yields, and ensuring the overall sustainability of the agricultural industry.

As we reflect on this milestone, it’s important to note that this trial was initiated before we received valuable insights at the Poznan meeting. Our learnings in Poznan shed light on potential challenges associated with sowing carinata alongside or after rapeseed, particularly concerning pests.



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