CARINA’s Lighthouses: Engaging Farmers and Researchers in Sustainable Agriculture

Camelina Company recently organized two significant lighthouse events under the CARINA project, bringing together farmers, researchers, and stakeholders at demo field trials. These events provided a platform to present the project, facilitate discussions, and distribute surveys for T5.2 in collaboration with Cooperativas Agroalimentarias and their regional federations. 

The first lighthouse occurred on 8th of May 2024 in Penelles, Lleida province. This event focused on double cropping, with 16 farmers attending. All attendees were men, three of them having experience in cultivating camelina. 

The second lighthouse took place on 10th of May 2024 at the IMIDRA Experimental Farm in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid province. This event centered on intercropping, attracting around 25 participants, with 50% being women. During this lighthouse, attendees discussed the challenges and difficulties related to intercropping sowing and harvest. 

Both events included a short presentation about the crop, Camelina Company, and the EU projects 4CEMED & UNTWIST, highlighting their main results and achievements. 

These lighthouses play a crucial role in promoting sustainable agricultural practices and engaging the farming community in innovative solutions. 



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