CARINA project at the Circular Bioeconomy Conference

Milano, 15.02.2023 – At the “Circular Bioeconomy Conference: Enabling Sustainability and Resilience”, attendees from 7 partner organizations and 4 European countries met to unfold the potential of hemp as a promising biomass for circular and bio-based applications. The conference was organized by HempClub, a COSME-funded European project and coordinated by the Lombardy Green Chemistry Association. The event was held on 14. February 2023 at the University of Milano-Bicocca. Participants had the opportunity to learn also about the CARINA project. 

CARINA initiative aims to diversify the EU farming system by providing alternative oils extracted from Carinata and Camelina plants. These can be transformed into innovative bio-based products (bioherbicides, bioplastics).  The project was presented by Mr. Marco Bernasconi from FLANAT. During his speech, he highlighted the key aspects of the project and its potential to promote awareness of all the actors along the value chain, through their direct engagement in social innovation.

The conference itself focused on demonstration how circular bioeconomy models can respond to the challenges of today’s world, including the energy crisis, raw material shortages, and climate change. Concrete case studies were presented in the form of funded projects that, through research and innovation, aim to overcome these challenges. The event drew the attention towards hemp and its potential in the production of bio-based and circular products.

Many students, researchers, professors, companies, as well as public authorities took chance to attend the event. Companies were also invited to join the B2B and matchmaking that was held in the afternoon aiming to create new business opportunities in the bioeconomy sector. B2B is an excellent opportunity to meet new potential customers, suppliers, and cooperation partners. Companies operating in different application sectors, from cosmetics to buildings, including food, green chemistry, and many others, were invited to join this event.

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