CARINA Joins Forces with 4CE-MED Project in Networking Event

In a collaborative effort towards sustainable agriculture, on 30th of November, CARINA project engaged in a dynamic networking event with the 4CE-MED project. This insightful gathering delved into various aspects crucial for advancing the cultivation of resilient crops like carinata and camelina. 

Discussions spanned a range of topics, including phenological phases, productivity dynamics, innovative sowing protocols and strategies, or sharing valuable experiences with carina and camelina crops, shedding light on their unique characteristics and performance in different agricultural scenarios. 

Guidelines for conservation agriculture were highlighted, emphasizing practices that not only enhance productivity but also contribute to environmental sustainability. The event further explored the particularities and potentialities of cultivating camelina and carinata in diverse regions of Spain, considering variations in climate and soil. Market opportunities in Spain took center stage, with insightful discussions on the support frameworks available at the regional level. The session addressed measures essential for boosting the commercialization of camelina and carinata, highlighting the economic viability of these crops for farmers. 

The need to promote the establishment of camelina and carinata emerged as a shared goal, aiming to transform challenges into opportunities. Through collaborative efforts, the networking event provided a platform for knowledge exchange, fostering innovation in sustainable farming practices. 

Partnerships with projects like 4CE-MED underscore the collective commitment to a greener and more sustainable agricultural future. 



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