CARINA at the Circular Bioeconomy Forum

In a gathering of minds and innovation, CARINA actively participated in the Circular Bioeconomy Forum held in Sevilla on November 21. This forum served as a dynamic nexus for stakeholders in the circular bioeconomy, facilitating exchange of experiences and insights. It provided a platform for sharing best practices in sustainable farming, fostering partnerships, and aligning strategies for a collective, positive impact. The forum aimed to facilitate an exchange among diverse groups dedicated to the bioeconomy sector, showcasing a commitment to fostering collaboration at various levels. 

At the heart of this event, CARINA’s project partner, Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias de Andalucía, presented the CARINA project in the exhibition area. This allowed CARINA to share its mission and contributions to sustainable and diversified farming systems.

Topics discussed at this event included: 

  • Bioeconomy policies and strategies in different regions 
  • Weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities established by this model 
  • Success stories and practices developed 
  • Analysis of markets and business and consumer models 
  • Bioproducts and biomass resources generated by the different sectors 
  • Bioeconomy and resilience to environmental and climate challenges

CARINA remains dedicated to being at the forefront of sustainable farming. The Circular Bioeconomy Forum served as a catalyst for innovative collaboration, paving the way for a resilient and ecologically conscious future.



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