CARINA Workshop in Paris


Partners Collaborate to Design Sustainable Cropping System with Camelina and B Carinata In an exciting two-day workshop held in Paris, the Camelina Company and Nuseed Carinata partnered with farmers to co-design a cropping system that includes camelina and B carinata. With the help of ARVALIS – Institut du végétal team members Clotilde Rouillon and Loïc Viguier, the participants discussed a methodology that can be adapted to suit farmer’s habits and behaviors in different countries.

The workshop was an important step towards developing a more sustainable cropping system that benefits both farmers and the environment. The participants explored ways to improve crop rotation and management practices to meet sustainability and circularity criteria. They also had the opportunity
to learn about the Systerre tool, an integrated assessment system for new cropping systems, which will be used to evaluate the system’s sustainability. 

The next steps for the partners will include experiments, field visits, farmer workshops, and national living labs. They plan to use the results obtained from the workshop to improve crop rotation and management practices, reduce environmental impacts, and increase economic benefits for farmers.

The workshop was a great success, and the CARINA partners are optimistic about the potential for camelina and B carinata to contribute to a more sustainable future. With continued collaboration and innovation, the partners hope to design a cropping system that benefits both farmers and the environment. 



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