Camelina Company España and Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias Castilla - La Mancha Hosted 2nd Lighthouse Event in Daimiel

On April 11th, a collaborative effort between Camelina Company España (CCE) and Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias Castilla – La Mancha (CACLM) led to the successful execution of the 2nd Lighthouse event in Spain. Held in Daimiel, within the Castilla-La Mancha Region, this event aimed to provide valuable insights through workshops and field visits. 

The event, hosted at CCE’s innovation center in Daimiel (CID), attracted a diverse group of participants, including 10 farmers, 2 representatives from the cooperative Los Pozos, and 6 individuals from Camelina Company. With a total of 19 attendees, including 2 women, the event fostered fruitful discussions and knowledge exchange. 

In collaboration with the EU projects UNTWIST and 4CE-MED, this initiative highlighted the commitment of CCE and CACLM to agricultural innovation and sustainability. Through workshops and field visits, participants gained valuable insights into the latest developments in the agricultural sector, furthering the mission of promoting sustainable practices and driving innovation in agriculture. 



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