Advancing Agricultural Policy: Insights from the 'Sharing Our Experiences' Workshop

On 17th of August 2023, PEDAL Consulting s.r.o. presented Carina at workshop titled ‘Sharing our Experiences – Transferring Insights from International Projects to Agricultural Policymaking.’ This workshop was part of a 4-day event, 48th International Agricultural and Food Exhibition AGROKOMPLEX 2023 in Nitra, Slovakia.

This workshop provided a platform for diverse stakeholders, including policy makers, researchers, experts in agricultural policymaking, and representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Slovak Republic as well as the Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Institute, to come together and exchange valuable insights.

The central objective of this event is to furnish policy makers with a comprehensive overview of the involvement of Slovak partners in the HORIZON 2020 and HORIZON Europe projects. These projects hold relevance in the advancement of agricultural policy. Simultaneously, the event aims to pinpoint the requirements of the policymakers themselves and collaboratively explore pathways for effective cooperation in co-creation agricultural policy.

The workshop highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation and the symbiotic relationship between research, policy, and practice, each influencing and enhancing the other. It underscored the power of continuous dialogue and engagement among stakeholders for the development of the agricultural sector. Events like these provide a platform for cooperation, fostering innovation, and progress in the field of agriculture.



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